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Technologies to build success

Accelerate business with proven technologies.

At its core, the success of digital platforms is always the conjunction of a deep understanding of organizations’ short, mid and long terms business objectives, and the mastery of selecting and leveraging the right technologies to a create competitive advantages and market edge.

Providing the highest level of technical expertises in today’s web, mobile, data and enterprise technologies is at the heart of Okoone’s mission to allow organizations to unlock new market opportunities, engage their customers, and accelerate their business.

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Future-proof, efficient, scalable and innovative technologies are the cornerstone of every successful organization today. Work with experts who build and deliver digital ecosystems that lead organizations across the world on the path of success.


Work with technologies
that enable success.

Okoone experts have an extensive knowledge of the latest digital technology trends and a hands-on experience in using engineering solutions allowing organizations and businesses attain their short and long-term goals and efficiently achieve their vision.


Selecting the technologies that can serve organizations for both their immediate and long-term vision is essential to the success of their digital initiatives


Whether organizations start with 1 or 1 million users, ensuring the capacty for growth with scalable technologies is an essential key to success


Ensuring a strict safeguard of businesses, organizations and users data is a paramount concern to be integrated in every technical decision


Wining the competition in the digital space requires meticulous execution, and in-depth understanding of new technologies and how to leverage them to create innovation


With a well-thought selection of technologies, organizations can ship, manage and promote their digital projects at lightning speed and stay ahead of the competition


Careful selection of the best performing technologies allows for exceptionnal user experience, and efficient management and maintenance of complex software products


Web, mobile and enterprise digital applications change over time. Integrating extensible technologies allows for a constant adaptation to business evolutions

Cost Efficiency

Making technical decisions with cost in mind helps scale digital platforms to appropriate levels. As user base and usage grow, organizations must be sure to pay exactly for what they need



Mobile technologies driving digital transformation.

Designing, building and delivering successful mobile applications requires a deep understanding of the mobile technologies that can be leveraged, and extensive knowledge and experience of mobile ecosystems.

Okoone teams help organizations select and implement future-proof, state-of-the-art mobile technologies to create amazing experiences for millions of users around the world that let them achieve more in their daily lives.

  • iOS / Android native applications

  • Hybrid mobile applications

  • Wearables apps

  • TV apps and connected devices applications (IoT)


iOS application technologies

From iPhone and iPad to tvOS, properly architecturing Apple mobile applications with future-proof frameworks and solid libraries makes a tremendous difference in terms of performance, maintainability, extensibility and ultimately return on investment organizations are expecting to make from their applications.

Okoone teams constantly monitor the lastest iOS technology trends to be sure to make the most on just the best there is for our customers.

  • Objective-C development
  • Swift development
  • Core Data development
  • tvOS development
  • WatchOS development
  • iOS development

Android application technologies

Android technology ecosystem is rich, powerful and complex, this is why harnessing its full potential by making the most relevant technology choices is key for mobile applications success.

Okoone experts deliver feature-rich applications that performs by keeping constant sight of the latest Android trends and innovations.

  • Kotlin development
  • Android development
  • AndroidTV development

Hybrid application technologies

The recent rise of hybrid technologies in the mobile space has brought amazing opportunities for organizations to leverage short time to market and lower costs for simple applications, opening new doors to sucess.

Experts at Okoone have built in-depth experience on all hybrid technologies available on the market to help organizations find the right setup for their business.

  • React Native development
  • Flutter development
  • iOnic development
  • Cordova development

Unique mobile experiences. Delivered by Okoone.

+10M of downloads


“IQAir has now been collaborating with Okoone for more than 6 years. During this time, the managed team they deployed has built with our teams in the US, Switzerland and China, the world’s #1 digital platform for air quality gathering today more than 30 milion active users. This success would not have been possible without the knowledge and dedication of their teams and the efficiency of their methodology.”


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Frontend, backend, CMS

Web technologies

that enable innovation.

Successful, world-class web apps are built with robust, future-proof, secure and scalable web technologies, encompassing programming languages, development frameworks, databases and more. Designing and delivering web applications with best-in-class tech stacks is the key foundation for organizations success.

Teams at Okoone provide organizations around the globe with their world-class projects experience in order to help them achieve success in the web space, leveraging their in-depth expertise of:

  • Backend web technologies

  • Frontend web technologies


Frontend development technologies

Delivering exceptionnal user experiences on the web is made through the leverage of the best frontend development frameworks and librairies that exist on the market.

From Angular to React, Vue.js to Ember.js, the web frontend ecosystem is wide and organizations need to ensure the most compelling techs are selected to reach their targets.

  • Angular development
  • VueJS development
  • HTML development
  • React.js development
  • Javascript development
  • Tailwind development
  • JQuery development
  • CSS development
  • Ember.js development

Backend development technologies

Propelling web applications with industry leading and reliable programming languages and frameworks ensures solid foundations for organizations to thrive and generate business.

To best navigate in the ocean of technologies, relying on experimented teams of experts allows for the right technical choices to be made at the right time.

  • TypeScript development
  • Javascript development
  • C# development
  • Java development
  • Loopback development
  • Python development
  • Ruby development
  • Node.js development
  • React.js development
  • Meteor.js development
  • Express.js development
  • Next.js development
  • Nest.js development
  • StrongLoop development
  • Spring development
  • MyBatis development
  • Struts development
  • Grails development
  • Laravel development
  • Symphony development
  • Code Igniter development
  • CakePHP development
  • Yii development
  • Zend development
  • RubyonRails development
  • .NET development
  • Django development

eCommerce, CMS

Content Management System & eCommerce

Ready-to-go platforms can create a business edge by offering unparalled time to market. Not reinventing the wheel is sometimes the best way to get an idea started in a lean and cost-effective manner. Making sure to properly and carefully customize and integrate these platforms is key to ensure longevity and capacity to adapt to new needs of the business.

Okoone’s CMS and eCommerce experts provide the right guidance to achieve quickly, while maintening your solution future-proof and cost-effective.

  • Content Management System

  • eCommerce platforms

  • WordPress development
  • Drupal development
  • Shopify development
  • Magento development
  • Sitecore development
  • Prestashop development
  • Squarespace development
  • Wix development
  • BigCommerce development
  • WooCommerce development
  • Typo3 development
  • Joomla development

eCommerce, CMS

Let’s find technologies
that serve your goals

Okoone experts can lead your organization in the process of deciding which technologies will best allow objectives to be met.


Audit your current tech ecoystem


Design an action plan


Define the specification outline of the project


Plan a reasonable time to market


Describe the audience and target market


Get the team of digital professionals to deliver

Hosting, security, delivery

Cloud technologies to scale businesses

To drive digital products able to reach gigantic scales with top-level security and at minimum costs, cloud providers are constantly offering more granularity and control in how their services and cloud features can be leveraged.

Work with the best experts in all large cloud service providers at Okoone to be sure that your digital solutions are propelled by the best cloud solutions on the market.

  • PaaS / IaaS Infrastructure
  • Compliance and governance

  • Cloud security

  • Cloud Native

  • Google Cloud
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Kubernetes
  • AWS

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Hosting, security, delivery

Data technologies that build intelligence

Data is the most precious resource organizations possess in order to gain capacity to make their operations efficient and predict what will serve them best. The landscape of technologies to store, manage, and analyse data is wide and rich, offering virtually infinite opportunities to extract value out of bits of information.

Implementing regulatory, advanced data storage, management and articicial intelligence systems is important to access the capacity to make sense of it all and create value.

Experts at Okoone can help your organization design and implement a comprehensive, end-to-end data handling infrastructure so that everyone in your organization can leverage the knowledge it possesses, to take the best business decisions.

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle Database
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • MySQL
  • MongoDB
  • Google TensorFlow
  • Maria DB

Hosting, security, delivery

Initiate change, make innovation possible

With agile methodologies, make your organization work faster and smarter by iterating and innovating constantly to collect feedback and adapt to market changes at lightning speed.



Enterprise solutions for transformation

Organizations need to rely on the best solutions there are to ensure their teams productivity at scale in all aspects, from customer relationship to recruitment, so that all opportunities are ceased and returns are amplified.

Okoone technical and functional experts can guide your organization through the process of identifying and resolving challenges with appropriate Enterprise technologies, to make teams

  • PaaS / IaaS Infrastructure
  • Compliance and governance

  • Cloud security

  • Cloud Native

  • SAP
  • Salesforce
  • Oracle NetSuite